Mythical Monsters notebooks

Mythical Monsters notebooks. Teach them some mythology (on the back cover)
Mythical Monsters notebooks. Teach them some mythology (right here!)


Hydra was a bloodthirsty dragon threatening Hercules with her nine heads. He would chop one off at the neck and two new ones would grow in its place. Finally he scorched the necks so no new heads could grow. Now, she uses lots of sunscreen and gets scorched no more.


Medusa was a Gorgon that goddess Athena transformed into a snake-headed bitch. After that divine intervention, Medusa turned all who dared look at her into stone. A symbol of female furry then, she now spends time in summer clubs seeking her long-lost beauty in a stone cold mirror.


The Minotaur in Crete was the unnatural spawn of a human mother and bull father.  He had a bull’s head and a man’s body, but what really ruined his reputation was eating only human flesh. Today, the Minotaur tries to clear his name by promoting the Cretan cuisine. 


Cyclopes were three giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead. In the Odyssey, Odysseus managed to blind the Cyclops Polyphemus, after the giant ate six of his crew. Nowadays, he uses this very same eye to avoid old ladies, potholes, bumps, and small animals on Greek roads.


She’s not a monster, she’s a mutant. Rhea, mother of Zeus, gave her son to Amaltheia to save him from his father Cronus. While suckling Amaltheia, Zeus accidentally snapped off one of her horns, which then began spouting goods.  She still sprouts goods, but today they are more consistent with the summer mood.